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All of our DVRs provide hard drive expansion, depending on the model up to 3 additional hard drives may be added. The hard drive percentage shows how much of the drive is full since the last time it started overwriting old footage. Yes, it is done in the camera menu tab under video loss or in the pre-camera tab by de-selecting the cameras that are not being used if applicable.

Under camera tab just de-select the buzzer option. Make sure that the camera has the correct audio channel assigned to it and that you have selected 'Audio Out' on the bottom of the screen. Yes, you can listen to audio from up to 4 cameras with the optional microphones installed and configured correctly. See the DVR Owner's manual in the support tab for more information.

Make sure that a user account on the DVR is logged in. If you are using a control system, set the Local guest level to "Operator". For Macs, there is a standalone software app that can be downloaded by clicking here. Can you view 2 DVR's at once? However, you can set up multiple DVRs in the device list and switch between them. Yes, as long as you use the full version.

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The Metro version does not support the drivers needed to run our software. It can be downloaded by clicking here. When using Windows 8, the desktop version of Internet Explorer 10 must be used.

The Metro version does not run plug-ins so it cannot be used. Yes, you can use these type of connections, however for optimal performance and less chance of service issues, compression type BNC ends for each type of wire are recommended. The ports on the router are forwarded properly but still are showing as closed. Some modems issues by providers have built-in router features that can sometimes be disabled.

Check with the ISP or modem manufacturer for more information. I can't access the DVR remotely. Do any changes need to be made to the network router? Typically, three ports 67,68 and 80 need to be forwarded to allow remote access to the DVR via Internet Explorer or on a cellular phone app.

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You can pull the power, but it is not recommended to be done on a continuous basis. Follow the proper shutdown procedure to ensure product life. Yes, otherwise you will only be able to access one DVR.

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Make sure the ports are changed in the DVR's and forwarded correctly in the router. Right click on IE and select "Run as administrator". The password must be numeric. Do not plan on using a network computer to do initial setup. You must be able to view the output of the DVR for initial setup to be guaranteed successful. If you still have trouble,. When looping cameras through the 9 and 16 channel DVRs, the end of loop termination switches must be turned off. These are the blue dip switches located just below the camera loop out ports on the rear of the DVR. The corresponding switch on the last DVR connected to that channel must be ON to terminate the run with 75ohms.

Power cycle the DVR. If picture is still not displayed, change the resolution in the DVR via the display tab in the menu. Make sure the termination dip switches are turned on for these channels if they are not being looped out to another DVR. When I type the URL for the cameras, the page pops up with either an empty box with a red 'X' or shows only a picture of each video feed but it never refreshes.

To remote view the cameras in an Internet browser, you must use Internet Explorer 32 bit. Firefox, Safari, and Chrome will only load a snapshot of the image from each camera from the time it was accessed. IE 64 bit will come up with a empty box with a red 'X'. For Mac's, download the standalone Mac app by clicking here. Verify the DDNS e.

How do i reset my night owl dvr to factory settings without password

Make sure ports are forwarded correctly using a port checking website. How do I set a camera up at the installation site versus connecting it at the DVR? Run the plugin removal tool. If the machine runs a 64 bit operating system, it may be necessary to remove the plugins manually. Contact SnapAV tech Support for a list of locations and files that must be deleted. Authorization Needed This product requires authorization.

Looking up an Event with the Wirepath Surveillance DVR within the Control4 Environment

Click below to begin the process. Restricted You are currently restricted from purchasing this product. Pending Authorization Your authorization is pending. Authorization Needed SKU requires authorization.

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Restricted You are currently restricted from purchasing SKU. Get Started. I've been using this app for three years now and it has always worked very well. From reading the other reviews, I believe the key was that I had a professional set up the app as well as the camera system itself. I give it only four stars because the app has not been updated since Wirepath if you need someone to update the app, contact me. I recently had a different professional add a new camera made by another manufacturer to the system and it works flawlessly with the old system and with this app.

I feel like I literally have no control over my own home surveillance and that is just ridiculous. I should be able to change my password anytime I want without screwing up the entire system. We paid a lot of money for, what is my understanding, top-of-the-line equipment, yet it's all completely useless without the app The app that never works!! Not to mention that the few times it does work, I am never able to go back more than 12 hrs to review footage. Even though I purchased an additional external hard drive to backup data Save your money people!!!!!

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Requires iOS 4. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Oct 1, Version 1. Size