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To me, it seems easy enough to design app to just dial in the phone number manually. Yet it only works with complete access to your entire contact list.

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And then it uses Mixpanel to track all your activity. It even tracks all your clicks. So All that information is required to simply remind you to text somebody? Thank you for your feedback. Indeed we don't send the message automatically. As we explain in our app description. The app helps you to plan messages and reminds you on the date you have planned the message.

You can send your message much faster on this date, because your already composed it. Nevertheless, we are currently busy with the development of the auto-send feature. We now support manually phone numbers. We also don't save any data ourselves and we don't save contact details or other personal data. Also not in Mixpanel. I emailed back and forth with this developer and still can't get a straight answer how much it costs to send more than 5 msgs per month, a limit they weren't even disclosing until people started complaining. Now they say in their responses to other reviews that the charges are due to using an outside service to auto send SMS msgs, which raises other questions about privacy, security, and if msgs will appear to come from my number or not?

This app is useless to me if my recipients get my SMS from a number other than mine. I don't mind paying them for a service that works well, but their evasiveness raises red flags. They should also dump the monthly subscription in favor of selling 5, 10, or 30 packs of msgs that you can use at your own pace. I agree with other reviewers that said these guys appear to be greedy. It's a shame because I've been waiting for an iOS auto send app for years. Thank you for the feedback. We are asking for a subscription so we can cover the monthly development costs of the app and the Scheduled platform.

What we have developed is just the beginning. We need to have a recurring revenue stream to pay our developers and maintaining the platform. We need the credits, because we need to pay our provider per sms. I hope you will understand our business model and considerations. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

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