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About a year later, Microsoft added support for add-ons, so you have things like LastPass, Reddit Enhancement Suite, Evernote, Pinterest, and ad blockers -- but they don't slow down the browsing experience like add-ons have been known to do. While Firefox may struggle with HD video streaming, and Chrome may eat up a lot of system memory, Edge has neither of these problems and is a night-and-day improvement over Internet Explorer.

Android and iPhone integration: When this browser launched alongside Windows 10 in mid, it lacked a way to smoothly sync your activity to mobile devices. Now Microsoft has finally come out with mobile versions, albeit in beta testing form. When you log into your Microsoft account in Edge on Android or iOS, it will now sync your open tabs, browsing history, and saved website passwords with your desktop version of the browser.

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Built-in, high-quality PDF reader: In the past, a PDF reader was something that Windows users had to get themselves -- or they wrestled with the version in Windows 8 that had a frustrating UI that took over your whole screen unexpectedly. These documents open quickly and scroll smoothly, and you can treat them like any other tab in your browser. For example, you can highlight something and ask Cortana for more information.

Add-on support is still relatively limited: Edge currently has only 71 extensions available for the desktop version, which is a drop in the bucket compared to Chrome and Firefox, and no extensions for the mobile versions though to be fair, the mobile version of Chrome does not have add-ons either. While raw numbers aren't everything, variety is important.

If you want an add-on to download videos for offline viewing, Video Downloader Professional is the only game in town. There's one add-on for mouse gestures, none for taking screenshots or switching a site to a dark mode, and no official add-ons from Google for things like Gmail, Translate, or image searches. Microsoft has added a lot of the popular add-ons, but there are still some noticeable gaps.

Not available for Windows 7 or 8: According to the latest numbers from NetMarketShare, about 47 percent of Windows users are using Windows 7, while Windows 10 sits at 29 percent. Yet Edge is expanding to Android and iOS instead of older versions of Microsoft's own operating system, leaving hundreds of millions of already loyal customers untapped. Granted, Edge may be deeply connected to programming code that's specific to the latest version of Windows the Android and iOS versions are based on code from Google and Apple, respectively , but it's not good optics, and it effectively shepherds hundreds of millions of users into alternative ecosystems where they'll be difficult to win back.

Edge doesn't compete with Chrome or Firefox at the level where it could be a carrot to entice users to upgrade to a new OS, so this just looks like a missed opportunity to win over people who are already inclined to check out their offerings. Edge still suffers in the add-on department, and its continued absence in Windows 7 and 8 is a puzzler. But it provides a very smooth browsing experience in Windows 10, Android, and iOS; its modest add-on collection includes a lot of popular tools and services; and getting on iOS and Android is a big step forward for users who prefer the Microsoft ecosystem over Google's and Apple's.

Fast, stable, has extensions, and most of all uses much less RAM and battery than Chrome. Quick, fast, easy and beautiful. We all know Microsoft has came from a dark place, especially when it came to the browsing experience. They've got it figured out this time. When other browsers seem to fail, the edge really cuts through. Load time is short, the browsing experience is easy, and program size is small.

A very sleek, easy to use browser with a nice start up page and easy to navigate tab area. I've used many browsers before the edge, including chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc, and none of them have quite the same easy to use, visually attractive, speedy combo that Microsoft has managed to accomplish. And if you're environmentally conscious, you're in luck, This browser will burn less electricity, give you short load times and reduce browsing confusion. Installing Adblock from Microsoft's app store will stop virtually every ad from ever appearing.

Don't take my word though, please check it out for yourself! It's Microsoft. Nobody likes a big box office company to run the browsing experience. There is only one complaint, the first tab that's opened doesn't allow quick access o favorite sites until the second tab is opened. Overall, excellent browsing experience.

It can be personalized, it's beautiful and easy to use.

I would recommend the edge over any other browser. Super slow, freezes, spies on you constantly and reports your activities to Microsoft and to third parties. Edge is by far the slowest, taking up to a minute to load the same web page that Brave loads in less than one second and Chrome and Firefox in less than 20 seconds.

I have 30 mbps internet, so it's not due to slow download speeds. It's because of all the intrusive activities going on within Edge.

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It doesn't just show you all the ads on a web page, it's looking through and reporting your browsing history back to the companies whose ads are on the page you're visiting. While all those ads are loading and Edge is snitching on you you can't scroll up and down on the page or even navigate to a different page through a link until it's fully done with everything it's doing behind your back.

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