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Users without root access could not use the LED as a flashlight. Control of the LED was locked away behind a system password. The only way to use the light on the phone as a flashlight would be to root the phone and download an app that would be able to control it. Eventually, manufacturers included control of many of the features for software developers to use.

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But there are still certain things that the phone has the ability to do but are not allowed to us by default. For starters, brand new phones do not have root access by default. So if it is a brand new Android phone, it is not rooted and does not have root access.

Check the applications. In the process of rooting the Android, an application called "SuperUser" or "SU" is often but not always installed. This is the program that will determine if certain "superuser" commands are allowed to be used. If you see a superuser program installed, then it is most likely rooted.

And, if you're still unsure, you will want to use an app to verify if the phone has root access. Root Checker Basic is a free app from the Play Store or app market that will tell you whether or not the phone has root access. Another simple way to find out is to download and install a "terminal" client on the phone.

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A "terminal" is a text-based window that allows us to run commands on Linux devices such as an Android phone or tablet. It is the command line interface for Linux, similar to DOS. Upon opening the terminal, if you see a " ", then the phone has root access and is in superuser mode.

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Type "date" and press enter. It should display the date and time. If the date does not display, then the terminal doesn't work, try downloading another terminal client. Otherwise, type "su" without the quotes.

If the device has been rooted, the next line will display a " " signifying that you have root access and the device is ready for superuser commands. If it has not been rooted, then the terminal will not recognize the "su" command.

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In this scenario, only a few spyware available in the market claim to be compatible with almost every Android phone. Xnspy is one such brand that is included among the top 5 Android monitoring apps. This spyware claims optimal performance on any Android smartphone with a number of monitoring features. As discussed earlier, there are hundreds of Android phone makers in the world.

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With Android being a freeware, more and more cell phone manufacturers are venturing into the market using this platform. It indeed becomes difficult for a developer to cover every single mobile company.

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Consequently, you would not see many companies offering its software on a wide range of Android cell phones. They either have to settle for a small group of cell phone companies or the users have to root their Android phones to avail their services. The Xnspy invisible Android spy app requires neither of these conditions. Another way it facilitates is that you can install this app without rooting your cell phone and even if it is rooted, it works just fine.

If you further want to know the compatibility of your phone, you can visit their website where they have a separate section for this.

Non rooter galaxy note spy software

Installing this app is not a hard task. If you think that you need to go through a cumbersome technical process, then you can relax. The app is easy to install and does not take more than 5 minutes to get integrated with the target phone. But obviously, there is a procedure that has to be followed.

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This third party app is not found in Google Play Store like other apps. You will receive an email on the registered email address. It will contain your login details, a download link and some instructions to follow. Now get hold of the target Android phone and open the download link in its browser. Install the app once it is downloaded.