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The new wallet app helps you find deals in your area from places like LivingSocial and Groupon. When you find a deal you like, you can save it to your virtual wallet to easily find and use later. Tiles can be resized by pressing and holding down on the tile icon.

Tapping the arrow on the bottom right of the tile will allow you to resize it, and tapping the push pin icon on the top right will allow you to remove it from Start Screen altogether. The small icon size is ideal for apps that don't offer live tile information, while the larger size is perfect for apps such as weather and sports that update with live information.

HTC has said the 8X was inspired by the Windows Phone Start Screen, and is designed to look like one of Windows Phone's animated "live tiles" if a tile was a physical thing. With that thought in mind, the phone will be available in a number of different colors -— Flame Red, California Blue, Limelight Yellow and Graphite Black -— colors that match some of the tile color options available in Windows Phone 8.

Made of polycarbonate, the phone has rounded corners and a curved back, making it easy to hold, and if fact is slightly reminiscent of what a tile might be like. HTC sent us the graphite black version. While subdued on the exterior, the black really made the colors on the live tiles pop.

One of the standout features of Windows Phone is its Start Screen. Fully customizable, the screen is populated by individual tiles representing each app — the same kind of experience you'll find in Microsoft's recently released Windows 8 operating system.

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Meant as a quick access point for apps you use often rather than a storage place for all your apps, tiles can be dragged and arranged wherever you would like them to be on the screen. So, a weather app might display the temperature outside with a picture of, say, a raincloud if it's raining. A sports app may show the score in the game your favorite team is playing in. As the user, you decide which apps earn their own tile space on your home screen, how big they are, and where those tiles are located.

The tile design was present in Windows Phone 7, but with Windows Phone 8 Microsoft has expanded on the interface, giving users the ability to not only customize the color of the tiles on the screen, but also the size of those tiles. Now available in three different sizes, you can adjust tile size by pressing and holding a particular tile on the screen and then taping on an arrow that appears on the bottom of that tile.

The lock screen on the phone can be customized with a picture form your photo library, a built-in image or an image from Bing. Windows Phone 8 also allows you to display information from apps on your lock screen. For instance, your Facebook account can also provide the palette for the lock screen on the phone, pulling photos from your Facebook account — either as a whole or specific albums that you specify.

I chose to have the lock screen pull from the photos I have uploaded to Instagram as well as my mobile uploads to Facebook. The result was a pretty interesting rotation of some of my favorite recent pictures that changed almost every time I picked up the phone. Other Text Messages.

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