Instant spy tank app

They provide enough voltage for WiFi and the camera to work, but when the motors activate they drain so much power that the voltage breaks down, causing the WiFi connection to terminate and your phone to search for another available network. Try a set of fresh batteries and see if the tank will move correctly. Turns out the original Brookstone batteries are weak anyway.

A fresh set and it works again.

I can move it, but not see anything. Can anyone help? My advice is try to unload that tank on someone else. Good luck getting it to work on a 6… it barely worked on a 3G or 4S. App burns the hell out of battery if it does work and then locks up constantly. No fun for more than 30 seconds at a time before it locks up. This is an order article, but I just purchased the Rover 2. It now looks different than the one in this post and it does record video.

The instructions so include this information now. My son just opened this an early Christmas gift and we are all loving it! I definitely recommend this product to any and everyone. I have the Rover 2. I am thinking it is a software conflict since the only change to both was the system updates. I have had an issue with getting it to connect, even though it shows up on my list of wifi sources. I finally figured out how to get it to connect in Windows See my video to see how.

Wow, a year old post with NEW comments. That really means this Rover is garbage! In Nov , I bought it for a Christmas gift. I bought the Rover 1.

LIVE VIDEO WiFi Control Electric RTR iSpy Tank

Reading all these posts of same issue with virtually no fixes I tried Airplane mode fix as well as 3rd party apps, none worked. I think we should all agree that Brookstone sold us lemons. I knew this and bought it anyway… my bad!

Since I bought it on clearance in November, I am waaaay past the date where I can exchange. I hope this post helps and have fun! From their promotional material: Mission Possible.

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Here are the steps to get it working. Now you can control the tank with your iOS device. Be sure to read the comments for updates, particularly I note this one: Jay Sulfridge. Share this: Email Tweet Share on Tumblr. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Me too. Just to clarify, there are two separate lights rather than one light that changes color.

App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank

No go. You can only have an apple pruduct. Any ideas? Thanks Christian. One possibility eliminated. Where did you find the app? Thanks for posting this comments I was on the same situation than you were.

Very helpfull. Thank you for the information. Helped get my husband going with his toy.

This is exactly what I needed!! Thank you!! Suspect the 6 x AA batteries power are easily drained, perhaps connecting 2 x 9V batteries in parallel or a 9v Lithium Ion rechargeable battery will be better. I have a problem. After a while of playing, I reconnect my wifi and when I tried to move it the Wifi turned off and it happens every time any help!!!!

LIVE VIDEO WiFi Control Electric RTR iSpy Tank

I just bought the I spy tank for my son his bday today after opening item and installing batteries turned WI FI on the SSID: never appear and was not able to connect it. I thought it was my internet connection used my neighbors and still nothing. My son has wanted this gadget and it breaks my heart that he couldn't use it. This tank does not work and I cant reach to anyone for help neither on the website or from the catalogue.

I cannot find the wifi connection for the tank and its not worth the money.

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