Find out if your spouse is cheating

Part 1: What is Snapchat Cheating?

They can't afford to be naive. You might be surprised to learn that we catch ninety-eight percent of the people we follow. The investigator should be clear about a What the exact investigative service and plan is, b how long it is going to take, and c how much it is going to cost.


The costs should never exceed the agreed upon amount. There is almost nothing worse than telling someone that a family member has died. If there ever was something close, it would be telling someone that their spouse, whom we have followed on surveillance, ended up in a local motel with another person.

We have followed both males and females who end up in a compromising position with someone of the same sex. It is a double whammy for our clients. We have had hundreds of clients over the years receive bad news about their alleged soul mate. Many clients get sick to their stomachs right in the office when they hear the news. Others become paralyzed with grief. I had a hard time deciding what real-life drama to choose for this chapter.

Was it the daughter in who hired us on the recommendation of her mother who used our services in ? Was it the husband whose wife made love to his brother in a local park? Was it the wife whose husband was recorded in the back seat of his car with his secretary? My choice went to Jane Phelan. Jane had less than pounds on her five-foot frame but was truly a heavyweight when it came to perseverance in catching her husband.

She was very sure he was having an affair. We followed her husband nine different times and he was a candidate for sainthood. Right straight home every time. Time number ten was different. On this day, her hubby stopped at a local gin mill near his office.

3 Killer Signs You Have a Cheating Spouse!

He was joined a few moments later by a female. Now what would be worse than dating the boss' wife? How about the boss' daughter? That's right, our family man was soon recorded snuggling up and kissing his boss' daughter.

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They later left the bar and proceeded to a hotel within walking distance. They were recorded entering and exiting the room. When they checked out, one of the investigators observed the husband throw away the hotel receipt.

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We retrieved the receipt and provided it to the client the next morning. She placed a copy of our video and the receipt on top of his cereal bowl the following morning. Jane was hurt but she was so very strong. She used one of our attorney referrals and did quite well in the final settlement. She became the strong anchor needed for her three young children.

How to tell if your partner is cheating: 17 signs most people miss

I admire her greatly as does everyone in our office. By the way: once the divorce was finalized, she sent her husband's boss a copy of the video. If one partner is unaware of the couple's finances, something like a divorce or delinquent child support payments may make it necessary to count up what's out there.

An investigator can help. But keep in mind that there's an investigator on every corner who says he or she can obtain bank, savings and checking account records. Be warned: A liquid assets search is an art form practiced by only a handful of investigators in the United States. After being in the business for 40 years, I know of only five other investigators who are competent enough to conduct a thorough bank, savings and checking account search.

Also be very careful of any investigator who offers to find stocks, bonds, mutual funds or certificates of deposit. There are literally hundreds of thousands of stocks traded every day in this country and, as a former federal agent, I know even the mighty IRS would admit it has a hard time monitoring many of these accounts. We're often asked if an assets search will find everything of record.

6 Things to Do Immediately After Finding Out Your Spouse is Cheating

Our search is only as good as the information we're given. The minimum information needed is the name, the last-known or current address, and the city, state and zip code. A credit profile search provides information on all the subject's accounts, account numbers, when they were opened, the maximum amount of credit allowable and the current balance. This starting point provides a good window into the person's financial picture. If you are separated, this search may fall under the rules and regulations of The Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Although you'll have a better chance of finding additional assets with a nationwide search, we advise clients to start with one region before incurring the cost of searching the entire country.

Most bank searches take as much as ten working days. The value of conducting a liquid assets search is that once the money is found in an account, you can seize it if you have the proper paper work and a legal judgment in hand. Funds also may be frozen during the course of a dissolution of marriage. Searching for hard assets, so-called because they can be seized property, cars, boats , is part of most lawyers' and private investigators' daily routine, but you can do some of the legwork.

You can locate personal and corporate assets by using public record indexes. Hard assets may be listed in:. Unlike liquid assets, hard assets must be sold before you can obtain any funds that are rightfully yours. Assets can be hidden in clever ways. In the case of a divorce or other legal separation, often the partner has no idea where to even begin. Find our more about our asset search services. All rights reserved. Thomas G. Martin is a former supervisory Federal agent, and the owner of Martin Investigative Services.

He oversees 22 male and female private investigators , all of whom are former supervisory Federal agents. Do your own investigation. Avoid scams. Live free. About Us Contact Us.

They suddenly have a little more spunk in their step.

Chapter 2: Find a Missing Person. Chapter 3: The Cheating Spouse. Chapter 4: Domestic Violence. Chapter 5: Personal Security. Chapter 6: Common Frauds. Chapter 7: Saving Money. Chapter 8: The Right Lawyer. Chapter 9: Adoption. Chapter Troubled Teens.

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