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Recommend to join the beta and earn money! Agree, their messenger is really amazing in terms of usability. Not from one other messenger I was so delighted. Thanks, for the article, it really covers the red hot data security issues. In addition, Facebook and WhatsApp have got not the best reputation among users. But still, some of them are really nice. My personal recent discovery is the Utopia ecosystem. Have you already tried their uMail, kind of email used inside the system?

Now it is one of my favorite high-security, high-privacy email providers. Thanks for the wonderful article, I was researching for details like this, going to check out the other posts.

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I wonder if anyone using MyChat enterprise messenger? We started using it recently in our office and do not have issues with security. It can work in a LAN, and that is perfect for our internal environment. Hi Cecilia! Thanks for your question. According to their Privacy Policy, they may monitor live streams to improve the quality of their service.

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  7. Also, they will share your data with other companies and may disclose your personal information if required by law. Oh, having WhatsApp in the first place is so misleading. People might even believe that they are safe using it. I agree and the Crypviser was not even on the list which makes the list incomplete.

    You can read more about how Crypviser is a world apart from the others out there at Crypviser-news. Telegram is my favourite. Not just for security ,for usability as well. You just need to be able to receive a confirmation text on your phone to set it up.

    You can then manually add Telegram users by searching for them. Being able to use it without owning a smartphone allows you to communicate with people like your Gran who might have a PC and and old style phone. This gives Telegram a big advantage over most phone based apps. That and the obvious fact that it was designed to be a secure app in the first place. Thanks for the post! You should include Idka on that list.

    They provide a platform for communication and sharing, with a built-storage system. Fully functional and free for a basic account. Telegram can as it has a version for every device. You do need a phone to set it up though for the confirmation text but it can be any phone that receives texts. Hey there. Some of the options sound ridiculous to me, e. This is like the most insecure and unreliable IM available ever. We all know pretty well who owns it. The most secure application in my humble opinion is Brosix IM.

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    Hello and thank you for sharing your opinion. You can also checkout other open-source tools like KeyBase This one is for im only, pretty much with file storage and more being added all the time. Nice thing about matrix is optionally using your own server, if you know how to set one up that is. There are even more tools, some which are much slower because of the extra security such as running over tor network, Like ricochet.

    Like FxLeaders, a signal provider who will surely secure you an excellent service! Have you heard of HighSide? It has military grade encryption , using a cryptosecurity protocol, that is being used by a number of government agencies and financial institutions. If you really want the best in an end-to-end encrypted chat and file sharing platform, HighSide is the best out there. I would like to have your opinion about this: according to the following article, Signal is a fake-privacy tool, because it was created by the same Government you want exclude from your conversations and message sharing:.

    What do you think about this issues? Hi On your top 5 list we find Whatsapp and Telegram.

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    On a swedish newspaper we can read that police have read conversation between people on Telegram and Whatsapp. Cracked encryption? Phone hacked? Open and see when they have the phone? Telegram chats are not encrypted by default, neither are groups, channels, and so on. Whatsapp is probably a backdoor.


    Even though the encryption is applied, they comply with the requests from authorities to provide encryption keys. AES is a good algorithm, but not perfect. There is only one perfect solution — the Vernam cipher. I see the only instant messenger on the market that uses the Vernam cipher and does not use RSA: Vernam. I think this is a real cryptopunk dream.

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    One Time Pad encryption a. Check out finalcrypt. Great insight you have here. Thanks for these great lists! Phone2 is a messaging app with a phone number, but it works anywhere with internet. I have read that Whatsapp and fb Messenger can generate new encryption keys, for the purpose of giving the company access to all of your content chats and files. What is your take on this? Does Whatsapp still have a backdoor?

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    This for sure is something that should have been mentioned in your above article. I have been using Signal Private messenger for almost two years and it never disappoints, i keep reading about stuff that how secure the signal private messenger is. Safeswiss is the only secure encrypted messenger and swiss securium. Facebook messenger is the least secure, in my opinion. What about a something that is not cloud based, is not intruded by server owners or outside government demons.

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    Hello, Timmi! Thanks for your feedback! We will update the article and refresh the information as soon as possible. Thank you! Here we are talking about messengers who do not steal your data rather keeps it encrypted, and one the best apps to do that is SIGNAL. I love this app. You may want to do your own research and analysis before giving products your stamp of approval. Yes, it requires time and some level of capability beyond reading marketing material and skimming Wikipedia. My opinion of Heimdal Security was neutral; however after reading this, I will not consider recommending any Heimdal product to my clients.

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    You have no credibility impo. Perhaps you can give us some recommendations? My choice had settled on WIRE, after extensively researching this in late to early And on Windows it crashes often per hour! So I am on the lookout for a chat app that: 1. Also, any hard facts on TOX? My concern with Tox is that anyone is allowed to write and use a Tox-compliant server app: might they be able to design it to hack into keys and decrypt messages as well? You can bet that the N,S.

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    Great review. I would like to suggest matrix. Encrypted chat that is closed-source is not really encrypted — someone just says it is and you have no way of checking. If I can make a positive suggestion, It would be very informative on your page, if you would advise which Secure Messaging App can still be used in China without the need for a VPN ie most know Whatsapp and Viber are blocked by the Chinese Great Firewall , but it would be nice to know which of the less popular Secure Messenging apps can still function within China Thanks Tom.

    You have missed out the only Safe Messenger Zangi. It is probably the most secure and most private messengers in the market. Zangi is serverless, decentralized, and leaves no traces on the internet. Hello, Suzan!